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“I can't say enough positive things about George Family Orthodontics, my son was a patient there for 3 years. From the first consultation through to the end of treatment, the staff and Dr. Debra treated us like family and provided us with an affordable plan to help our son get the beautiful smile that he deserves. Everyone is very helpful, attentive, and patient. They always make time to answer questions during visits even when they're very busy. Highly recommend them!” - Cheryl


“Dr. Kelsey George and Susan, the orthodontic assistant were so patient, caring, and kind to my daughter who was very nervous about her procedures. They took extra time to make sure my daughter understood what was coming next and waited until she was ready to proceed. What a lovely experience, and what amazing results!! Thank you, George Family Orthodontics!” - Ruthie


“I had such a great experience with my treatment. Let’s just say that I screwed up and omitted to wear my retainers the first time around ...and had to go through the process again! Dr. George was so supportive along the way and made the process so seamless. The office atmosphere is simply fantastic; they are all super friendly and passionate. I love my new smile; thanks for creating such a memorable experience for your clients!” - Chilel


“With Nicholas' disABILITY I didn't know how this process was going to go. The first visit was definitely a struggle. The staff was incredible with him and me, it has been a very long journey and we are coming to the end, finally.  It will be bittersweet when the braces come off - George Family staff will be missed so much.” - Teri


“So glad my husband and I found George Family Ortho for our daughter! They have shown her nothing but love, support, and most of all patience since the start of her journey and I’m forever grateful!” - Amanda


“They make the process of getting braces very easy. The kids love going to this office and all of the employees are super nice. They always have some really cool contests going on.” - Sarah

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